Exploring the environment through photography


"The day gave us the opportunity to look at our surroundings with fresh eyes - to feel a sense of place in our corner of London and become more aware of the impact humans have on nature. The students were very excited, especially when Steve Backshall came along to share his experience and offer useful photography tips! It was also a great chance to bring different subjects together: to fuse geography and IT whilst at the same time developing photography skills. Colliers Green Focus is innovative in this way: it encourages the use of mobile phones as a learning aid outside the classroom and the idea that we can carry a little bit of geography in our pocket."

- Louise Flynn, Head of Geography, St Thomas More Language College

"The Colliers Green Focus field-trip had a profound impact on the children in a hugely positive way. Taking pictures got them to think about their future aspirations, how the community/area they live in interconnects with the wider London community and how the whole city is developing. They got a real sense of achievement/ownership from the pictures and they will be used in future lessons."

- Neil Lobo, Head of Geography, Vyners School

"The best thing about the trip was that each child was able to express themselves creatively, and to put their point of view across in their photographs. The pictures will be used in the school and turned into teaching aids for other students."

- Louise Malits, Deputy Head of Geography, Quintin Kynaston School