Exploring the environment through photography

Rules & Regulations

Rules & Conditions of Entry

'Compact' In-School Workshop Award & Photography Competition

All photography work produced as part of these workshops will automatically be entered into the annual Colliers Green Focus Photography Competition, the results of which will be announced and exhibited annually at an Awards Ceremony in London. Before schools apply for a workshop, it is important that applicants accept the Rules and Conditions of Entry. Your application is entirely conditioned by, and subject to, compliance with these Rules and Conditions.

If you have questions about the Rules and Conditions of Entry, please contact Hatice Ertepinar at Kallaway on 020 7313 6274, email hatice.ertepinar@kallaway.com

1. Eligibility

  1. Applications will be accepted from Geography staff/teachers working with 11-14 year olds (Key Stage 3 in England and Wales, S1-3 in Scotland) who are permanently based at mainstream secondary or special schools.
  2. Applications in 2011/12 are confined to schools in England, Scotland and Wales.
  3. All applicants must agree to the Rules and Conditions of Entry.

2. Selection of Schools for Compact Workshops

  1. The right is reserved to invite applications as it is to refuse applications for any reason considered justified.
  2. The right is reserved to request further information or clarification of the contents of application forms.

3. Confirmation of Compact Workshop Awards

  1. Schools initially selected for a Colliers Green Focus award will be asked to provide further information about the group of pupils they wish to involve and basic lesson plans for Autumn and Spring terms during 2010-11. Awards will be confirmed upon receipt of such information, as requested. The right is reserved not to confirm awards.
  2. Once an award has been confirmed, any significant delays or changes to the project must be notified immediately to the Colliers Green Focus project managers (Kallaway and Naturesbase).
  3. The right is reserved for project management to terminate the Compact Workshops.

4. Colliers Green Focus Compact Workshops

  1. Successful schools will be required to timetable a full day for a Compact Workshop during the Autumn or Spring 2010/11 term.
  2. Successful schools will be required to host a planning session between the workshop leaders and staff/teachers involved.

5. Photographs and other material produced during Compact Workshops (including Intellectual Property and Copyright)

  1. All photographs produced by pupils during the Compact Workshops will automatically be entered into the Colliers Green Focus Photography Competition.
  2. Ownership of all intellectual property rights of any nature whatsoever for all the work prepared, designed, commissioned, written or otherwise created will remain with the individuals who have created this work.
  3. Teachers/staff responsible for the individuals who have created the above work must agree, in advance of their participation or contribution within the Workshop, to specific usage of their work in print, web or other formats (yet to be invented) by Kallaway and Colliers International UK plc.
  4. Each school receiving a Compact Workshop will be responsible for vetting all work, and agreeing to its release with parents/carers, as it relates to the Child Protection Act.
  5. The decisions of the Colliers Green Focus Photography Competition judges at every stage are final. Neither discussion nor correspondence about any decision will be entered into.
  6. Any printed or digital material produced by schools which makes use of material produced during the In-School Workshops must be accompanied by the Colliers Green Focus logo which will be provided in electronic form. Further details regarding crediting will be provided during the planning stages of the Workshop.

6. General

  1. Information contained in this application is correct at time of publishing. The right is reserved to make any changes in the above described programme, which may subsequently be deemed necessary.
  2. Colliers Green Focus is managed and presented by Kallaway Ltd, in collaboration with Naturesbase on behalf of Colliers International UK plc.
  3. No responsibility is accepted by Colliers International UK plc, Kallaway Ltd or Naturesbase in respect of any project as regards:
    1. Selection, endorsement, implementation, administration or supervision.
    2. Securing the agreement of any local authority, charity trustee, governing body, examining body or the like.
    3. Insurance cover for personal injury or property damage of staff, pupils or third parties and for loss of, or damage to, school property for which the school is responsible.